Raise money for your /whatever
just by leaving a tab open.

Whether it's /charity, /crowdfund, /political, or /self, you can contribute or raise without ever opening your wallet.

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Create Your Own /tab To Support Your Cause!

Tabfor.org allows you to create your own tabfor.org/tab, a place where your supporters can donate not with their wallets, but with their CPUs.

Tabfor uses groundbreaking technology to allow visitors to mine for Monero, a privacy-centric cryptocurrency, with just their browsers. No installs necessary. Just send your supporters to your /tab, and they will be prompted to start mining by our mining widget (as seen ). The Monero is mined to your account to be withdrawn.

User Friendly

No ads, no installs, no clickbait. Instead, your users just click on the "Start Mining" button, set their speed, and leave the tab open. The longer they let it mine, the more support they give.


Monero is easy to convert to other currencies, so you don't have to worry about earning money in a currency that you can't use. If you have any trouble exchanging your Monero, we're happy to help.


Monero is focused on privacy, and so are we! We do not require an email, credit card information or even a name to sign up and start tabbing. We also force the use of HTTPS so that all traffic on this site is encrypted.

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What is Tabfor?

TabFor uses your computer's processor and browser to mine Monero, the secure and anonymous cryptocurrency. For every computation your computer solves, you receive Monero. You can exchange Monero for traditional currency such as the US dollar, an alternative cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, or keep it in its current form (what we recommend).

Since TabFor uses your browser (think Chrome, Firefox, or Edge), your supporters never have to download a traditional miner or potentially malicious software to contribute. A TabFor page will never mine without asking permission first.